This page gives the most up-to-date list of work published and forthcoming. I'm including all written work, work that's published on paper and work that's published on web sites. For a list of my literary readings, my academic conference participation, and similar activities, please see my CV.

Book Length Publications:

Life in the Holocene Extinction. Finishing Line Press, 2016.


I Stand Here Shredding Documents. Finishing Line Press, 2011.


Whistling Past the Graveyard. Top 10 Finalist in the National Looking Glass Poetry Chapbook Competition. Pudding House Publications. 2004.


Individual Poem Publications:

“Chronicle.” New Stone Circle. Forthcoming.


“Conserving the Scraps.” New Plains Review. Forthcoming.


"False Idols."  Adanna.  Forthcoming.


"Spinning Our Wheels."  Naugatuck River Review.  Forthcoming.


“Dismantling the Fallout Shelter.” Texas Review. Forthcoming.


“Season of Ash and Penitence.”  Hawaii Pacific Review.  April 2016.


“Cathedral Building.”  Escape into Life.  April 2016.


“Praying the Breviary at 30,000 Feet.”  Escape into Life.  March 2016.


“Talismans and Treasures.”  Escape into Life.  March 2016.


“A Girl More Worthy.”  Annunciation.  Montreal:  Phoenicia Publishing, 2015.


"Coracle of Prayer." Atlanta Review. Fall 2015.


“The True Miracle of Saint Brigid.” Adanna. 2015.


“Orpheus Visits the Fertility Clinic.” Escape into Life. May 2015.


“Cassandra Considers the Dust.” Southern Women’s Review. 2015.


“Sacred Heart.” Escape into Life. February 2015.


“Life in the Holocene Extinction.” Escape Into Life. August 2014.


“Book of the Dead.” Escape Into Life. August 2014.


“Fixed Hour Prayers.” Escape Into Life. August 2014.


“When God Switched Fabrics.” Escape Into Life. August 2014.


“One Fast, One Slow.” Reprinted in Aethlon Sport Literature Anthology. Summer 2014.


“Insomnia.” Slant. Summer 2014.


“Sure Shot.” Hawaii Pacific Review. Volume 27.


“Homestead Acts.” Slant. Summer 2013.


“Somewhere Between Side Dish and Dessert.” Big Muddy. Volume 13.1.


“What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricanes. Paper Nautilus. 2012.


“Horarium.” Poetry East. Fall 2012.
“Currencies.” Rattle. Winter 2012.
“Restoring the Seams.” Adanna. Summer 2012.
“Tuscany Dreams.” Adanna. Summer 2012.
“Children of Ulysses.” Slant. Summer 2012.
“Ash Wednesday in the Intensive Care Unit.” Referential. April 2012.
“Benediction.” Referential. April 2012.
“Cohabitating with Illness.” Referential. April 2012.
“John of Patmos Revises Revelation.” Referential. April 2012.
“Rendered Mute.” Referential. April 2012.
“Safety Pin Sisterhood.” South Carolina Review. Spring 2012.
“The Gardener’s Tale.” Eye to the Telescope. January 2012.
“Good Friday at the Grocery Store.” Pacific Review. 2011.
“New Society.” Pacific Review. 2011.
“Maundy Thursday at Hartsfield.” Florida English. 2011.
"Ash Wednesday in Miami." Hobble Creek Review. October 2011.
"Ash Wednesday on I 95 South." Hobble Creek Review. October 2011.
"Household Spells." Adanna. Summer 2011
“Sigh.” Emrys. 2011
"Sharing the Sea of Surround Sound." Qarrtsiluni. November 2010.
"Transfiguration Sunday on the Cancer Ward." The Healing Muse. Fall 2010.
"Immunities." The Healing Muse. Fall 2010.
"Sleepless Beauties." Innisfree Poetry Journal. Fall 2010.
"Left Behind." Qarrtsiluni. September 2010.
"Damnable Instruments." Reeds: An Anthology. Pudding House Press: August 2010.
"Alternate Apocalypse #3."  Poets for Living Waters. July 2010.
"Honeybees on Holiday." Poets and Artists. July 2010.
"Pollen." Poets and Artists. July 2010.
"I Stand Here Shredding Documents."Poetry East. Spring 2010.
"Looking for Bishop Tutu." A Generation Defining Itself. Cary, NC: MW Enterprises: 2010.
"Well of Poverty." A Generation Defining Itself. Cary, NC: MW Enterprises: 2010.
"Thanks Giving." Big Muddy. volume 9.2.
"New Kid." Chiron Review. Winter 2010.
“Lectio.” Innisfree Poetry Journal. September 2009.
“Missing.” Qarrtsiluni. August 12, 2009.
“Collective.” Qarrtsiluni. August 5, 2009.
"Watertight Seal." Naugatuck River Review. Summer 2009.
"Reunion." Southern Women's Review. Summer/Fall 2009.
"Drained." Chiron Review. Summer 2009.
"Basal Cell Penelope." Chiron Review. Summer 2009.
“Huck at Midlife.” New Delta Review. Winter 2009.
"Strange Communions." North American Review. March-April 2009.
"Lessons of the Rocking Chair." Clapboard House. March 2009.
"Middle Passage of Marriage." Clapboard House. March 2009.
"Progress." Clapboard House. March 2009.
“Eucharist.” Ruminate. Winter 08/09.
“Precious Nature of Junk.” Interdisciplinary Humanities. Fall 2008.
“Safe.” Descant. Volume 47, 2008.
“Lying in State.” South Carolina Review. Fall 2008
“Stalking the Southern Sky.” In the Mist. Volume 1.1 (2008).
“Spoon.” California Quarterly. Volume 34, number 2, 2008.
“Glory Days.” Sport Literate. Volume 5, issue 2, 2008.
“Eurydice in Miami.” Slant. Summer 2008.
“Flak Jacket.” HazMat Review. Fall 2007.
“Adjunct Faculty.” The Julia Mango. Summer 2007.
“Morning in America.” The Julia Mango. Summer 2007.
“Uncle Tom’s College.” The Julia Mango. Summer 2007.
“Seventh Grade Refugees.” The Julia Mango. Summer 2007.
“Lunar Eclipse.” Sunstone. March 2007.
“Kitchen Remodels.” Willow Review. 2007.
“One Fast, One Slow.” Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. Fall 2006/Winter 2007.
“Eschatology.” The Powhatan Review. Winter 2006.
“Land of Heavy Metals.” The Powhatan Review. Winter 2006.
“ICBM Retirement.” The Ledge. Fall 2006.
“Ash Wednesday at the Trinity Test Site.” The Ledge. Fall 2006.
“Dreaming of England.” The Mid-America Poetry Review. Summer-Autumn
“Family Jewels.” CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual. 2006.
“Crusty Companionship.” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Winter 2005.
“Hiking Harper’s Ferry.” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Winter 2005.
“Baptismo Sum.” Sojourners. August 2005.
“Betting with Blueberries.” Mid-America Poetry Review. Spring 2005.
“Traveler’s ABC’s.” Hurricane Review. 2005.
“Quilting Towards Armageddon.” Out of Line. 2005.
“October Songs.” The Powhatan Review. Winter 2004/2005.
“Filling Holes.” Atlanta Review. Fall/Winter 2004.
“Modern Abolitionist.” The South Carolina Review. Fall 2004.
“Huck’s Midlife Crisis.” James Dickey Newsletter. Fall 2004.
“Cheating Heart.” Connecticut River Review. July/August 2004.
“Little Luxuries.” Connecticut River Review. July/August 2004.
“Last Neutrino.” The Powhatan Review. Summer 2004.
“Care Package.” The Distillery: Artistic Spirits of the South. July 2004.
“Heresies.” Poetry East. Spring 2004.
“Floods and Desert Canyons.” The Ledge. Winter-Spring 2003-2004.
“Basic Health for Everyday Life.” North American Review. November-
December 2003.
“Marked on the Body.” Fox Cry Review. Volume 29, 2003.
“Guile.” Chiron Review. Autumn 2003.
“Acting Out.” Caprice. Summer 2003.
“Mill Worker Heart.” Coal City Review. July 2003.
“Heaven on Earth." Coal City Review. July 2003. reprinted in The Worcester Review. Volume 24, 2003.
“Damnable Instruments.” Chiron Review. Summer 2003.
“Accessibility.” The Xavier Review. Spring 2003. reprinted in The Worcester Review. Volume 24, 2003.
Hurricane Me.” Journal of Florida Literature. Volume 12, 2003.
“Migrating at Night.” Journal of Florida Literature. Volume 12, 2003.
“Moth.” Journal of Florida Literature. Volume 12, 2003.
“Setting Free the Fireflies.” Palo Alto Review. Spring 2003.
“Peak Experience.” Karamu. Spring 2003.
“Relativity.” Haight Ashbury Literary Journal. Volume 22, number 1, 2003.
“Cartography.” Limestone. 2002.
“Shadow Lust.” Potpourri. Volume 14, number 4, 2002.
“Strange Shores.” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Winter 2002.
“Medieval Christmas Pageants.” The South Carolina Review. Fall 2002.
“The Necessity of Moisture.” Tar River Poetry. Fall 2002.
“Homespun.” Asphodel. Fall 2002.
“Radiation Sicknesses.” Lynx Eye. Summer 2002.
“Significant Other.” Blue Mesa Review. Volume 14, 2002.
“Picnic Envy.” Red Owl. Spring 2002.
“Bleak Houses.” Chiron Review. Spring 2002.
“Day Care.” The Mid-America Poetry Review. Spring 2002.
“The Muse to Her Poet.” Emrys Journal. Spring 2002.
“Inheritance.” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Winter 2001.
“Aquatic Life.” Crucible. Fall 2001.
“Martian Solstice.” Potpourri. Volume 13, no. 2, 2001.
“Hitchcock Virgin.” A Summer’s Reading. Summer 2001.
“Thirteen Miles.” A Summer’s Reading. Summer 2001.
“At the Museum of American Folklife.” The Alembic. Spring 2001.
“Spring Rights.” The Eagle’s Flight. 2001.
“Transport.” Collages and Bricolages. 2001.
“Breakfast.” Small Brushes. Spring 2001.
“Opportunity Cookies.” Lines in the Sand. November/December 2000.
“I Slash at My Own Skin.” Potomac Review. Fall 2000.
“Plots.” Caprice. Summer 2000.
“Adulteress.” The Worcester Review. Volume 21, 2000.
“Heavy Soles.” Slipstream. 2000.
“Meridian.” Foliage. 2000.
“Seasoning.” Bellowing Ark. July/August 2000.
“Bike Glove.” Lines in the Sand. July/August 2000.
“Yeast.” Chiron Review. Summer 2000.
“DreamGhosts.” Taproot Literary Review. Summer 2000.
“Gravity’s Sucking Power.” Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. Spring 2000.
“Ice Cube Lover.” Connecticut River Review. Spring 2000.
“Rollercoaster.” The Iconoclast. Spring 2000.
“Daughterless Women.” Caprice. Early Spring 2000.
“Hedge Against Hunger.” Caprice. Early Spring 2000.
“Husks.” Caprice. Early Spring 2000.
“Homecoming.” The Rockford Review. Winter 2000.
“Dabbling with Evolution.” Luna Negra. Fall 1999.
“Demands of Dough.” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review. Winter 1999.
“Milking.” Writing for Our Lives. 1999.
“Elementary Lessons.” Tucumcari Literary Review. November/December 1999.
“Home Plate.” Tucumcari Literary Review. October 1999.
“Carnivals and Playgrounds.” Lines in the Sand. September/October 1999.
“Home Schooling.” The Pocket Poetry Parenting Guide. Ed. Jennifer Bosveld. Johnstown, OH: Pudding House Publications, 1999.
“Solar Solstice.” South Dakota Review. Summer, 1999.
“State Road 36.” Caprice. May 1999.
“Workfare.” Caprice. May 1999.
“Season of Migration.” Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream. May 1999.
“Pentecostal Red.” Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream. April 1999.
“Spring Rights.” Caprice. March 1999.
“Fetus.” Caprice. March 1999.
“Darwinian Conundrums.” Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream. February 1999.
“Mad Rain.” Piedmont Literary Review. 1999.
“Heritage.” Atlanta Review. Fall/Winter 1998.
“Hourglass.” Caprice. October 1998.
“Bowling.” Black Buzzard Review. 1998.
“Summer Storm.” Caprice. August 1998.
“Elemental.” Caprice. August 1998.
Battlefield.” Caprice. August 1998.
“Land Mine Treaty.” The Beloit Poetry Journal. Spring 1998.
“Arcing Towards Justice.” The Evening Reader. December 1997.
“Effluvia of Stars.” The Evening Reader. December 1997.

“Marvell’s Mistress.” The Evening Reader. December 1997.


Fiction Publications

“Second-Hand Hope Chest.” Sistersong: Women Across Cultures. Forthcoming.
“Rules of the Game.” Phoebe: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Feminist Scholarship. Spring 2001.
“Half a Deck.” Maryland Review. Winter/Spring 2000.

Round Robin.” Reader’s Break. 1999.


Essay Publications:

"O Come, O Come, Creativity, Contemplation: Use These Practices for an Advent State of Mind." The Lutheran. December 2012: 18-19.
“What Can a Lutheran Learn from Visiting a Monastery?” The Lutheran. February 2012: 28-29.
"Poetry at the Swimming Pool and Other Unconventional Places." Women and Poetry: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing by Successful Women Poets. Eds. Colleen S. Harris and Carol Smallwood. forthcoming from McFarland.
“Harnessing the Force of Godparents.” The Lutheran. October 2011: 14-15.
“Pentecost Promises.” The Lutheran. February 2011: 16-17.
"Come, Let's Eat: Set Your Welcome Table as a Spiritual Discipline." The Lutheran. February 2011.

“Writing (and Teaching) on the Fringes.” Review Revue. August 2007.


Official Blogger for Living Lutheran website:

“Annunciation and Good Friday.”  Living Lutheran.  March 25, 2016.

“When Hope in the Future Awakens.” Living Lutheran. February 2, 2016.

“Extending an Invitation to Church.” Living Lutheran. December 29, 2015.
“High Holy Days Envy.” Living Lutheran. September 22, 2015.
“Reforming Our Metaphors for God." Living Lutheran. August 25, 2015.
“Backpack, and People, Blessing.” Living Lutheran. August 11, 2015.
“Coping with Spiritual Dog Days.” Living Lutheran. August 8, 2015.
“Sign Posts on the Road to Equality.” Living Lutheran. July 16, 2015.
“Dealing with the Demon of Busyness.” Living Lutheran. July 21, 2015.
“God as Parent or Partner?” Living Lutheran. June 18, 2015.
“Our Many-Gendered God.” Living Lutheran. June 9, 2015.
“A Vacation for Your Spiritual Side.” Living Lutheran. June 4, 2015.
“A Surprise Summer Time Hit.” Living Lutheran. June 2, 2015.
“Nourishing the Impossible.” Living Lutheran. May 28, 2015.
“Clothed with Power from on High.” Living Lutheran. May 14, 2015.
“Notes of Hope amid Bad News.” Living Lutheran. May 5, 2015.
“Plant Prayer Flags for Earth Day.” Living Lutheran. April 21, 2015.
“Cheap Grace, Valued Community.” Living Lutheran. April 9, 2015.
“Appreciating an Ecumenical Seder.” Living Lutheran. April 2, 2015.
“Archbishop Romero and Lent.” Living Lutheran. March 31, 2015.
“Listening for God’s Invitation.” Living Lutheran. March 24, 2015.
“Failing at Our Lenten Disciplines.” Living Lutheran. March 5, 2015.
“The Feast Day of Saint Matthias.” Living Lutheran. February 24, 2015.
“A Monastic Valentine’s Day.” Living Lutheran. February 12, 2015.
“Holding the Light of the World.” Living Lutheran. January 29, 2015.
“Timothy, Titus, and Silas.” Living Lutheran. January 27, 2015.
“Prodigals Returning Once Again.” Living Lutheran. January 22, 2015.
“Amazing Baptism Affirmations.” Living Lutheran. January 8, 2015.
“A Gratitude Haiku for 2015.” Living Lutheran. December 31, 2014.
“Darkness at the Edge of Hope.” Living Lutheran. December 23, 2014.
“Seeking a Contemplative Advent.” Living Lutheran. December 4, 2014.
“Legacy of Gertrude the Great.” Living Lutheran. November 13, 2014.
“Thoughts on Veterans Day” Living Lutheran. November 11, 2014.
“The Saints and the Reformation.” Living Lutheran. October 30, 2014.
“Theology of the Pumpkin Patch.” Living Lutheran. October 28, 2014.
“The Full Life of Saint Francis.” Living Lutheran. October 4, 2014.
“Hildegard’s Legacy Lives On.” Living Lutheran. September 16, 2014.
“Monastics and the Modern Mind.” Living Lutheran. August 25, 2014.
“Make Church More Like Camp!” Living Lutheran. July 31, 2014.
“Of the World But Cloistered.” Living Lutheran. May 9, 2014.
“Praising Support Teams.” Living Lutheran. March 19, 2014.
“Paul in the Twenty-first Century.” Living Lutheran. January 24, 2014.
“Stephen and the Innocents.” Living Lutheran. December 27, 2013.
“The Lights of Santa Lucia.” Living Lutheran. December 12, 2013.
“Reformation for All the Rest.” Living Lutheran. October 31, 2013.
“God’s Work, Our Hands Day of Service.” Living Lutheran. September 11, 2013.
“Meditation on Mary.” Living Lutheran. August 15, 2013.
“Quelling Our Anxieties on the Feast Day of St. Martha.” Living Lutheran. July 30, 2013.
“Silencing the Demonic Company We Keep.” Living Lutheran. July 11, 2013.
“I Am Not the Messiah.” Living Lutheran. June 24, 2013.
“Transforming the Sanctuary.” Living Lutheran. May 16, 2013.
“Resolve to Retreat.” Living Lutheran. April 23, 2013.
“Lutherans and the Spirituality of Lent.” Living Lutheran. March 7, 2013.
“The Abundant Baskets of Brigid.” Living Lutheran. January 31, 2013.
“Peter’s Confession and Ours.” Living Lutheran. January 17, 2013.
“Vanquishing Herod.” Living Lutheran. January 4 , 2013.
“The First Disciple’s Lessons for Us.” Living Lutheran. November 29, 2012.
“Give Yourself the Gift of an Advent Strategy. Living Lutheran. November 23, 2012.
“Called to Health on the Feast Day of Saint Luke.” Living Lutheran. October 18, 2012.
“What Columbus Can Teach Us About the Religious Life.” Living Lutheran. October 12, 2012.
“From the Little Seeds of Daily Practice Grow Giants.” Living Lutheran. October 11, 2012.
“Saint Jerome and Our Need to be Renewed.” Living Lutheran. October 1, 2012.
“Mary Magdalene’s Lessons for Today’s Christians.” Living Lutheran. July 23, 2012.
“Wilderness Nourishment.” Living Lutheran. June 25, 2012.
“Celebrating Saint Helena.” Living Lutheran. May 21, 2012.
“Setting the World on Fire with Catherine of Sienna.” Living Lutheran. April 30, 2012.
“Saint Patrick, Coracles, and Journeys of Faith.” Living Lutheran. March 15, 2012.
“Transfiguring the Church.” Living Lutheran. February 20, 2012.
“Arcing, Nonviolently, Towards Justice.” Living Lutheran. January 16, 2012.
“Starlight and Intuitive Shifts.” Living Lutheran. January 5, 2012.
“Overwhelmed by Advent.” Living Lutheran. December 12, 2011.
“Balanced Gift Giving in an Unbalanced Time.” Living Lutheran. November 28, 2011.
“Looking for the Meaning of Halloween.” Living Lutheran. October 31, 2011.
“How Would Jesus Celebrate the International Day of Peace?” Living Lutheran. September 21, 2011.
“The Family Reunion that Is the Churchwide Assembly.” Living Lutheran. August 12, 2011.
“Good News, Not Grim News.” Living Lutheran. July 14, 2011.
“Christian Priorities, Front and Center.” Living Lutheran. June 25, 2011.
“Pilgrim on a Wide Path.” Living Lutheran. June 17, 2011.
“The Feminine Face of God.” Living Lutheran. May 6, 2011.
“Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes.” Living Lutheran. March 9, 2011.
“Following the Drinking Gourd to God.” Living Lutheran. February 21, 2011.
“On Lutheran Spirituality.” Living Lutheran. January 10, 2011.
“Let Peace Begin with Me.” Living Lutheran. January 4, 2011.
The True Miracle of Christmas. Living Lutheran. December 28, 2010.

“Celebrating the Feast of All Saints.” Living Lutheran. November 1, 2010.


Book Reviews:

From the Fever-World Jehanne Dubrow. Rattle. December 30, 2011.
Faulkner’s Rosary by Sarah Vap. Galatea Resurrects. #17. December 2011.
Looking Up Harryette Mullen: Interviews on Sleeping with the Dictionary and Other Works, a collection of conversations between Barbara Henning and Harryette Mullen. Galatea Resurrects. #17. December 2011
Torched Verse Ends by Steven D. Schroeder. Galatea Resurrects. #13. December 2009.
Torched Verse Ends by Steven D. Schroeder. Galatea Resurrects. #13. December 2009.
Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics, and Community edited by Jennifer Firestone and Dana Teen Lomax. Galatea Resurrects. #13. December 2009.
A Random Census of Souls by Samuel Western. Rattle. June 2009.
237 More Reasons to Have Sex by Denise Duhamel & Sandy McIntosh. Galatea Resurrects. #12. May 2009.
Blue Colonial by David Roderick. Galatea Resurrects. #9. March 31, 2008.
Pioneers in the Study of Motion by Susan Briante. Galatea Resurrects. #8. November 30, 2007.
The Happiness Experiment by Lisa Fishman. Galatea Resurrects. #8. November 30, 2007.
The McSweeney Book of Poets Picking Poets edited by Dominic Lumford. Galatea Resurrects. #7. August 31, 2007.
Punk Poems by John Burgess. Galatea Resurrects. #7. August 31, 2007.

Becoming the Villainess by Jeannine Hall Gailey. Galatea Resurrects. #6. May 24, 2007.


Academic Essays:

“Penelope at the Loom:  Mythology and the Modern Workplace in the Poetry of Twenty-first Century Women.”  Women Versed in Myth: Essays on Modern Poets.  Eds. Colleen S. Harris and Valerie Estelle Frankel.  McFarland, 2016.


“‘Elegant Economy’: Narratives of Community in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford.” Narratives of Community: Women’s Short Story Sequences. Ed. Roxanne Harde. Newcastle (UK): Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007.